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The spiritual worldview of modern man

It's been almost 20 years since I sat in an apartment. I removed the card from my cell phone, tied the bell, and started to listen to it inside. I had no idea what adventures, how much work and how many years were waiting for me. With my individual consciousness, I have traveled the deep trans domain and still consider myself a conscious dimension traveler.

There are several factors that make my performance completely unique. For before, no one has ever reached these levels of consciousness without being baptized. But I survived because I stood for esotericism with a scientific view. That is, there is no evidence that God exists, but there is no evidence that it does not exist. This attitude was then interpreted as seeking God, and they continued to let go everywhere, wondering what kind of result I was getting.

So far, I have come to the conclusion that the search for God is, on the one hand, the same as the search for death. On the other hand, if you look at it from a philosophical point of view, God already exists if you can define it. But in our world, this can only be considered acceptable if you can prove it. But the farther you go from reality and into the spiritual world, also known as the Realms of the Dream, the less they understand what you want to prove. The result of my observations is that God may be one, but as many dimensions as they understands.

During these 20 years, I have had many experiences. There were indescribable experiences and months of pain. It was both enjoyable and painful. I spent most of my time solving problems for which my logical based ration worked very well. Although I could see the days, weeks, months and years passing, my inner sense of time did not follow. One of my half lived here on the 3D timeline and the other was part of the timelessness. With a wealth of knowledge, I have returned to a world dominated by infirmity. Nobody cares about my knowledge unless I surrender to those in power. Nobody cares if I don't prove it. Nobody cares if they can't make a lot of money from it. As if I had returned to a zoo where everyone is dressed as a human. But I didn't give up hope that I could find the traces of a meaningful life beyond my apartment door.

Although people of all ages have called themselves modern humans, this is true of today's people. But what is really serious about this is the appearance of machines on the one hand and the possibility of developing spirituality separately from the Church on the other. Because of these, today's humanity can truly be called modern humanity. Churches cannot keep up with this because they are unable to renew their 2000 year old rituals. But so it is with the esoteric masters. Thus, today 's young people will not be able to turn if they do not want to become part of such a community.

Another characteristic of modern man is that he likes to use things without trying to know their depths. When you use your smartphone, are you wondering how Android is programmed? Interested in the codes for the apps you use? There are such people, but most are not. That's how the ÉlményPark is supposed to be. No sect, no religion. This is a holo operating system that I installed on the human consciousness network. In this way, religious people play a holo fantasy game that is extended to the level of reality. This way you find God within yourself (if it exists, of course), but you get a different interpretation of the world that is much closer to your daily life.

This spiritual framework is also suitable for personal development without masters, priests and gurus. For this you have a tool that is independent of the old, outdated and now quite corrupt analog system. There is a saying that who cannot say the point in a few words, does not really know what he is talking about. This is the essence of modern esotericism, for the world has many ways of interpreting it.

Our world is a holographic game program you live in. Just look in your eyes and you can see it!

A holo operating system that runs on the human consciousness network

Basic information

We assume that you are interested in magical-mystical things, but you do not want to go deeper into them. If, on the other hand, these things do exist, then everyone will be at a disadvantage compared to those who deal with them in depth.

ÉlményPark eliminates this disadvantage by focusing on human quality. This means that those who care deeper about it will continue to benefit from representing the right human quality. But science does not believe in changing the level of consciousness that affects all of humanity. Therefore, few people are concerned with preparing their energy levels for this shift in consciousness. For people, their daily lives are more important. Their workplace is more important, their friends more important, and their personal goals more important.

Since I started to deal with this issue in time, I have prepared the solution in time. If there was no solution, it would certainly be the end of this globalizing technical civilization, because only those who had no autonomy to influence the course of events would be able to change consciousness. Because the Adventure Park recognizes the importance of the people who maintain and operate this world, it gives them greater power that they don't even need to know about it. For them, fate and chance have shaped the world and will continue to do so.

Practical informations

There are two modes for people in their daily lives who just want to use the possibilities of their minds but don't want to go deeper into it. One is that they know nothing about it and the other is that they are consciously using the opportunities offered by the Adventure Park. The latter will be halfway between the average man and the mage. It's a big surprise for them because the Adventure Park is a highly advanced spiritual frame system.

As far as information goes, it is perfectly enough for this other mode. Your brain is the organ that carries your consciousness. Your mind is doing everything you can interpret and your brain is holo hardware that can handle incoming signals in a computer-like way. However, this computer can be upgraded. At home alone or if you do not trust yourself so much, you should have a specialist (teacher, master, guru).

The holo network is a network of consciousness in which the outside world becomes visible through the human eye port. This outside world is called Reality. Here I would note that esotericism means the Inner World, where the realms of the Dream are located, in other words we call the spiritual world. On the Reality level, you can issue holographic network commands in meditation and set your positions there.

You first need to make yourself aware of what you really want from yourself. This can easily lead to depression that you should not seek medical attention because he or she will not understand the process you started. They will look upon it as a disease and because they want to heal you, they will turn you back on your way. But since there is no turning back on this path, such people get stuck. You play this game with yourself, where the goal is to take your destiny into your own hands. And the game is about whether you defeat yourself or come to an agreement.

The main goal is to consider your perceptions as the primary source of information. That is, you learn to trust your intuitions. If your intuition knows "what", your mind will be the one who knows the "how". And vice versa.

But what good is that for you?

Which would be nice if you had a magic fort.

If you cut a small piece from a hologram sheet with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you will not see the small piece, but the whole picture in the little one. If you examine a tiny slice of yourself and illuminate it with illuminated light, you will find the whole world in a tiny piece.

The purpose of esotericism is to find this way