Visitors of ÉlményPark.CoM

I did this for those who are the target group. Who has nothing to offer because it reaches that level of consciousness over the years. Well who's found this isn't it? It is difficult to make sense of this through the eyes of a businessman. It's just that it's done stupid.

"By the time this becomes a lot of people, the application that handles this has already been completed."
"How much is your daily attendance?"
"No one has come today, for example."
"Bad marketing."
"Marketing works according to my opportunities and resources."
"Then you need to find an investor for that."
"Oh, my God! No way I'm into a monkey."
"How do you know who the monkey is?"
"It'll be clear soon."
"How do you know who it is?"
"I'm not confronting him/her right away. There are other signs."
"What makes me not a monkey?"
"He/She see his/her real place and role in it."
"What happens to those involved?"
"The application that controls this is starting to work live, and I'm watching and testing it. Those who signal, I get in there. Of course, no one can signal."
"Not very profit-oriented."
"But if you interpret profit differently."
"Do you have any money from it?"
"Not directly."
"What is indirect mode?"
"I have no idea what, how and why it is connected. According to systems theory, anyone on this planet is supposed to need only 6 handshakes to reach anyone. I have no time, no mood, no capacity for this."
"So you don't know anything about anyone?"
"I'm used to working anonymously. This is a military feature of the spiritual battlefield, where it is not a good idea to burden your brain with unnecessary information. Later, this experience came in handy in system design. Whoever signals once, I get into it more deeply, but I don’t know anything about it yet. And in the next, I know the point enough to play my role well."
"What if they suddenly run?"
"A holo application comes into play to handle this."
"What is the principle of this program and how does it work?"
"How difficult it is to determine, but the most understandable is the divine level. And the principle would be a technical detail of where and how you organize resources."
"Doesn't it bother you that they barely find out?"
"Why not?"
"Because I see attendance as a kind of signaling instrument. The job of the instrument is to provide information and not to show a position that meets my expectations with a lot of robots beyond."
"There is no other reason."
"But I have an interesting observation. If ÉlményPark.NeT is relatively popular, there are very few people interested in ÉlményPark.CoM. But it takes me a few years to say more about that."
"A few years?"
"I also have a ten-year time scale. And this is a ten-year time job."
"Where does it come from?"
“I said I didn’t know who and who was coming in the door was affected by what and how much that pair of vibrations had. This would take at least 30-40 years to have the first observations."
"Did you come out with it live?"
“I learned in tennis in a company where everyone played different and we brought each other up with the always close matches that if you come up with something new, you have to get off the field sharp with it."
"A trained tennis player says it's impossible. They immediately score a point."
“When I came up with a one-handed back, I only use it once when I have to come up with it. It’s not impossible, just don’t think in its entirety. I stayed at the baseline with the two-handed as they would immediately score a point out of it. But if you have to come up with it, it’s much better than two-handed. You have to approach it differently and it’s much more convenient. If I hit it right, it doesn’t really matter its strength."
"Is there any special information for this entry?"
"You have to grab the racket like the majority will hold it for forehand."
"That is impossible."
"It's not because how you stand on the ball is about the punch. But the point is to visit the ÉlményPark.CoM!"
"Wait, are you fucking all this?"
"It's not accurate that way, but I admit it might look that way here."