Technically what happens

The first thing I understand about an invention that preceded its age and of course is not controlled by power is that no one understands what it is and how it works. So let's fill this space too!

"Will you tell me what happens when I look at these pictures?"
“I don’t like to repeat myself, but unfortunately I am forced to try to understand things in the context of the reader in every chapter."
"What are the connections?"
"In the course of my research, in which I look at the spiritual world with a scientific eye, I realized that every physical object has a holographic range, and the image vibrating on the monitor is no exception. An energy stream can even be started from this range. It wasn’t far from here to find what to vibrate about these pictures."
"What's vibrating about these pictures?"
"I call it holo install programs."
"What do these programs do?"
"They have a little explanatory text next to them. So many points are enough for them."
"How do they work?"
"You look at the picture. This is when the image interacts with your consciousness and complex healing programs settle into your brain. Holographic codes are essentially. These are scenario frameworks that you fill with content."
"How do they get into my brain and what do they do there?"
"Via human eye port."
"Is anyone just looking at them and that's it?"
"Not quite. If you just look at someone, your consciousness only comes into tangential contact with the program. Rather, it operates only through the collective channel, the attachment of which to the individual is secondary. The next level is that the monitor vibrates. I call this charging when someone exposes only their energy system to vibrations. The third level is what you think about. But then the person concentrates here and looks behind the images with his/her eyes, so he/she gets to the holographic level. So if you look at it that way, that's all. The other two are completely different genres."
"Where does the energy come from?"
"From an XD server I installed myself from a very high dimension where there is the same world in a 3D simulation."
"If you said that to a religious man who didn't understand infromatics, what would you tell him/her?"
"You can come into direct conscious contact with angels from these images."
"But these are not angels."
"Not even those he/she believes to be. But technically, he/she believes this is happening."